Sanitary landfills are sites for the disposal of waste resulting from human activities, such as household, industrial, and hospital waste, as well as civil construction waste.

The decomposition of these materials generates products that are harmful to the environment, such as a leachate, which contaminates soil and water, and biogas that pollute the atmosphere. To avoid these types of contaminations, it is necessary to use geomembranes.

Geomembranes are ideal solutions for landfills: HDPE (high density) geomembranes are excellent in the base, because they have low permeability and coefficient, avoiding any type of infiltration. LDPE (low density) geomembranes are ideal for roofing because of their flexibility.

And in the case of large landfills, TEXTURIZED geomembranes ensure greater friction between the tailings and the cover layer, which guarantees greater stability to the system.